“Of Possible Vacancies”

It’s funny how a story you wrote a long while ago feels when it’s made new by publication. This is how I feel about “Of Possible Vacancies” which was born back when I lived in Alaska. You can read it over at Juked.

“Useless Prey” News

It’s a good morning when you wake to discover your little weirdo story has been nominated for Best of the Net 2018. Many thanks to Watershed Review for the nomination and original publication. 

“Because the Story Began as a Body”

Last year I tried to pin down why I write. It’s an inexplicable and peculiar impulse that I feel certain of and yet can’t quite decipher. Here’s my first attempt at explanation which went live over at Talking Writing this month. Much love to Martha Nichols for her editorial guidance and Katie Cortese and Jill…

“American Gothic” is live at decomP

My flash essay, “American Gothic” is now live at decomP. I’m delighted to appear in the fourteenth-anniversary issue.   *Color Theory Class Out for Summer by Lee Piechocki

“How to Love the One Who Is Dying” at Atticus Review

Let the record reflect that after several months of insisting my status as a non-poet, I concede my position to Dr. Curtis Bauer on March 14th, 2018 with the publication of my first poem. I’m now one of those insufferable humans who publishes in all genres and longs for her poetry workshop from last semester….

“Useless Prey” live at Watershed Review

Happy to announce that my story “Useless Prey” is live at Watershed Review. And I’m even more delighted that there are pubs in the world where my stories about falling in love with a slug might find a home.     Photo by Abbey Lee on Unsplash

“Useless Prey” Pushcart Nomination

More exciting news. I learned of a second Pushcart Prize nomination over at Watershed Review for my story “Useless Prey.” The story should appear later this month.